Provide MP-4 video download for some courses

I've discovered through comparison of different format Teaching Company (http://www.thegreatcourses.com/) courses that even when visual aids do not go much beyond views of a lecturer, I simply find video more engaging than audio. Perhaps I am not alone. Grace To You does a very effective job of making MP-4's available for download (random sample: http://www.gty.org/video/Pulpit/V8290-444 ), which you might find useful as a model. One possibility might be to offer this just for certificates or to otherwise make it "premium" (fund raising) content (to ensure some offset for the bandwidth hit). A final possibility might be to offer DVD video courses a la the Teaching Company as a way to raise funds to support the free side of your ministry. (Though I currently have no money to spend, this is something I would consider spending money on when I have some. I'd recommend mimicking the Teaching Company's course-with-printed-guide format, which is very effective.)

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